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Homeowners interested in establishing the best window installations in their home should look into working with this company. The professionals can provide their clients with all types of window frame installations, helping them secure their windows in an attractive and durable way. There are different advantages and disadvantages to every frame material, and it is strongly recommended for homeowners to become more familiar with the materials themselves before finalizing their decisions.

Professionals will always provide aluminum or metal frames as a primary option for homeowners. These are very strong, light and almost completely maintenance free systems that are able to withstand all types of wear and tear. However, homeowners should be aware that metal window frames usually will conduct heat quickly, which makes metal a poor option for insulation.

Window experts also will provide clients with composite window frame options. These window frames are defined by their composite wood construction as they are made from things such as laminated strand lumber and particleboard. These can be very stable options for primary systems because they have the same structural and thermal properties as solid wood frames with some systems capable of being even stronger.

Fiberglass frames can be good options as well because they are very dimensionally stable. They have air cavities that homeowners can choose to have filled with insulation materials to provide the home with even more protection. This can give fiberglass frames much more thermal performance, especially when compared to vinyl materials.

Vinyl window frames are another choice, and they are usually made with a special polyvinyl chloride material, which is otherwise known as PVC. These materials are usually combined with UV light stabilizers in order to stop sunlight from breaking the material down. These window frames have a very high moisture resistance, and the hollow spaces also can be filled with insulation.

Finally, homeowners can choose to invest in solid wood frames. These are excellent options because they insulate very well on their own, and they can expand and contract in response to the weather. However, wood frames usually will require regular maintenance since they may be prone to warping.

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