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Siding not only protects homes from the weather elements, but it lends greatly into the overall aesthetic appearance of the home. Choosing siding can be a huge decision for homeowners, but Infinity Home Improvement Services offers a selection of numerous siding options and can assist in the decision making process.

Stucco is a popular siding choice because of its reasonable cost and the various possible applications of it. Stucco has been used as a durable siding for hundreds of years. It is generally a cement mixture with sand or limestone added. Stucco is versatile and can be applied to brick, stone or even wood walls.

Stone is one of the most durable choices of siding available since stone virtually is impervious to weather. Slate, granite, limestone and other types of stones are beautiful additions to any home. Although they tend to cost more initially, they often look just as great a hundred years down the road as they did the day they were installed.

Brick is another durable type of siding, and it's also low maintenance. Brick is made of fired clay and comes in various colors, so homeowners can customize their homes. It is important to clarify that brick siding is not the same as a home constructed of brick. Rather, brick siding is a veneer that is held together with mortar, water, cement, and lime or sand.

Bevel siding is another popular type of siding. As its name implies, beveled siding has a beveled or overlapping appearance. This type of siding offers great curb appeal, but it requires ongoing maintenance to protect it from deterioration.

Of course, there is also vinyl siding, which is perhaps the most popular type of siding on the market. Not only is it cost effective and low maintenance, but it comes in various profiles and color choices. Vinyl siding is long lasting and usually comes with warranties as well.

Infinity Home Improvement offers all these types of siding and more. Moreover, they are experienced professionals who can help homeowners with everything from selecting the best siding material for their homes to proper installation and maintenance.

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