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Infinity Home Improvement offers a full range of services including roofing, room additions, insulation, bathroom remodels, windows, siding, gutters and basement finishing. Infinity Home Improvement is an experienced and professional company providing services in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas.

The roof is a home's first line of defense from the elements, and having a roof inspection can save homeowners money down the road. Fixing roof problems before a total collapse can add a lot of life to an existing roof, but when the time comes to replace a home's roof, a professional roofing contractor is needed to ensure proper installation. Professionals attend to the small details such as the correct spacing of sheathing to allow for swelling and many other issues important to doing the job right.

Adding onto a home increases value with the extra square footage, and adding a bathroom at the same time boosts the value more because remodeling bathrooms and kitchens is the fastest way to add resale value to a home. Add a game room, den, family room or even a hot tub room. A sunroom can be a great addition to any home, bringing the outdoors in with wraparound windows and climate control. A sunroom can serve many purposes such as a TV room, craft room or home office. A basement can also be used in many ways, including a laundry room, family room or even a home gym. The possibilities are many for this large, open space.

Increasing the amount of insulation in a home can reduce energy costs because improper insulation is one of the biggest sources of inflated energy consumption. An energy audit by a professional is a quick and easy way to make sure a home is as energy efficient as possible, and it is one of the best investments dollar for dollar.

Another update that gives more bang for the buck is replacing windows. Window designs and function have come a long way; they are more stylish and useful than ever and are also much easier to clean. Older windows can let air escape, costing a homeowner more over time in energy costs than it would be to install energy efficient windows.

Installing vinyl siding is another good investment, cutting down on maintenance because vinyl does not require painting and special treatment against moisture like wood siding. Gutters have an important functional role in protecting a home from water damage by directing water away from the foundation, but if they do not work properly, it can cost more in the long run if foundation damage occurs than replacing gutters would.

Home improvements, increased energy savings and general aesthetics are all good reasons to improve and maintain the largest and most important investment of a lifetime. An inspection by a professional can help make sure all aspects of the home are being used to the fullest.

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