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Everyone knows that a roof is an important part of their home. Most people also know leaks are a sign that a new roof may be in order. But there are plenty of other signs indicating you may need a new roof. Muskegon roofing professionals are available to examine your roof and install a new roof or repair your existing one.

The most obvious sign that a roof may not be doing its job is leaks. When the ceiling in a living area leaks, it is a pretty obvious headache. But it is also important to notice when there are leaks in areas that are not living spaces, such as in the attic. It is wise, after a strong storm, to inspect your attic for leaks. A leak here could have various causes. It could be a sign that your shingles and underlayment are starting to deteriorate and lose their water-shedding abilities. If the area is close to a chimney or vent, it could be that the flashing and counter flashing protecting the opening around it have slid or deteriorated. While the size of a leak may not seem problematic, the damage it causes will only get worse over time. It could be that a worse storm will let in a lot more water, depending on wind direction and velocity as well as the amount of precipitation.

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If you see stains on interior ceilings or walls, your roof could be allowing water to infiltrate your home. These stains could be mold or mildew. It can be tricky sometimes to identify mold or mildew or to distinguish between the two. While water infiltration could contribute to mold and mildew, another possibility is inadequate roof ventilation. In winter months, various appliances can contribute to moisture buildup. Without proper roof ventilation, this moisture collects on the underside of your roof. When this moisture condenses, it will fall to the surface below. If you have insulation in your attic, this insulation will become soaked with moisture, and its efficiency will be diminished. It will also become a hotbed for mold and mildew, which thrive in moist conditions.

If you have missing shingles, or if some appear cracked or chipped, that is a sign your roof's days are numbered. If your shingles have the appearance of being dry and they are very brittle and fragile, you may have what are known as "fried shingles." These can develop with age but can also be the result of poor roof ventilation.

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