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While most homeowners are familiar with the concept of shingles, they may not know much about some of the other materials that can be used in roofing construction. If you've called on a Muskegon roofing expert to do some work on your rooftop, then he or she will likely be using some of the following parts and components while replacing your roof.

Before your new shingles can be placed on your roof, the roofing expert will conduct an investigation of your rooftop to make sure that the shingle material you've selected will be able to go on the roof safely. The roofer will need to upgrade the strength of the wooden or metal framing of your home if it's not durable enough to support a heavier shingle type.

Another component of a sturdy roof is wooden roof decking. This layer of the roof is generally made of plywood or strand board and is the surface on which much of the other roofing materials will rest.

Once the decking has been installed, the contractor will need to lay down a layer of roofing felt in order to give the shingles a satisfactory base and to add a waterproofing element. Also known as tar paper, this type of roofing material is generally sold in square feet by the roll.

The roofers from Infinity Home Improvement of Muskegon MI can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, gutters or windows.

Roofing nails are another important part of a successful roofing installation. Contractors use nails to secure the shingles firmly to the roofing felt and decking. Improperly hammered nails can cause leaks and can render your rooftop vulnerable to shingle loss and other types of damage.

Since so many different types of materials are used on a roof, metal flashing comes in handy when roofers need to provide extra protection where these sections meet. Flashing is frequently used around ventilation areas, eaves and chimneys.

Many homes have eaves built onto a roof so that they can project out over the side of the house. This system provides valuable shade and rain control services to the home.

While gutters may hang off of roofs, they are still an important part of the overall health of the rooftop. A properly constructed gutter system can relocate the rain from the roof and allow it to drain off somewhere away from the top and sides of your abode.

There are a wide variety of ways that you can customize your roof, so you should consult a roofing expert about the materials that you can use to improve your rooftop.

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