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Hail, snow and heavy rain are all considered to be common threats to roofing structures because they can easily damage the materials used in a roofing system, including the underlayment. Unfortunately, wind is another element that causes damage due to the amount of pressure it places on the shingles and tiles that are installed. To protect the roof from strong winds, there are a few important steps to take with the assistance of a Muskegon roofing professional.

Securing the shingles that are installed is one of the most effective ways to prevent them from blowing off when winds pick up. A professional roofer can inspect the building for loose shingles and will reinstall them when necessary. Each shingle should have at least six roofing nails or staples securing it with a waterproof underlayment installed underneath. If one shingle tends to lift up during high winds, the surrounding shingles can also rip off and cause extreme blow offs to occur through a zipper effect. This will require that a significant portion of the roof be replaced but can also cause water damage inside of the building.

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Trees can also cause damage to the roof in the middle of heavy winds, making it important to have them trimmed regularly to prevent them from coming in close contact with the building. Tree branches are known to puncture roofs when they sway. Trees that are too close to the home and need to be trimmed back regularly may need to be removed to protect the structure in the long term.

Hire a professional to fasten the metal siding, which can be torn away in the middle of high winds. Exposed fasteners or concealed clips will need to be used to secure the materials. All of the siding edges should be covered with a metal cap to prevent wind from lifting them up. The roof will be less susceptible to damage if the surrounding materials are also secured on the building.

A professional will also need to seal the roof deck by taping the seams of the deck's sheathing. The seal will help the roof remain intact, and it is an inexpensive project that can protect the entire structure from ripping off.

Homeowners should also schedule a roofing inspection after high winds occur to look for any damage that is present. There may be tiles or shingles that are missing along with leaks that have developed on the roof deck of the building. Animals who are looking for shelter also may have made their way into the structure and will need to be removed immediately.

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