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Moss growth may be a natural development on structures, but it is known to reduce the curb appeal of any type of property when it's present on roofs. Moisture, leaf fibers and soil can all cause moss growth on the roof, which becomes visible on the exterior of the building. To learn more about moss growth and how to prevent it on a roof, there are a few important facts to understand.

Homeowners can spot moss growth on their roof by looking for green or black streaks on the roofing materials. An anti-algae solution will need to be used to prevent the moss growth from developing in each season of the year. A Muskegon roofing professional will use a low-pressure sprayer for applying the solution to prevent damage to the shingles that are installed. Algae can be difficult to spot because it's not visible to the naked eye, but the dark streaks it causes often can be spotted.

If algae or moss develops, the entire roof will need to be professionally cleaned to restore its appearance and condition. Removal methods include using solutions that are recommended by shingle manufacturers to prevent damage.

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It is also important to avoid dislodging the shingle granules when attempting to clean the roof.

Experts caution against using DIY treatment methods, which can lead to further damage to the roof and also put the homeowner at risk of injury if they fall off of the building due to a lack of professional safety equipment.

Moss or algae growth can be prevented by installing zinc or copper strips on the roof ridges. Copper wire can be strung across the roof in intervals with screws that will keep it secure long term. The roof should also be professionally cleaned every two to three years depending on how warm the climate is in the area. Trees should also be trimmed regularly to reduce the amount of shade that covers the roofing structure, which can increase moss growth throughout the year.

Algae or moss that is present on a roof will not only detract from the beauty of the property but can also reduce the value of the home. The roof also has less solar reflectance when the shingles are covered in algae or moss, which can increase the energy usage of the property. This can also cause extensive damage to the shingles over time, which will require their replacement in the future.

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