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Muskegon Roofing: Article About Prevent Ice Dams On Roofs

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The winter season can be extremely hard on roofs due to a change in weather conditions. The roof is often susceptible to water damage from leaks that form underneath shingles or tiles that are installed. Ice dams are another problem and are known to damage the roofing materials. To prevent ice dams from forming in freezing temperatures, there are a few tips to follow with the help of a Muskegon roofing professional.

Air should continuously circulate in the attic to ensure that snow melts at a steady speed. Install vents and fans to ensure that the room maintains its temperature. Many homeowners make the mistake of using warm air to melt the ice dams, but this can cause the ice to melt too quickly.

The rain gutters should also be cleaned out to reduce the risk of ice dams due to water that can freeze in the structure. Remove debris and leaves before a storm is scheduled to arrive, which will also prevent too much weight from being placed on the gutters.

It may be easy to allow snow to sit for an extended period of time on the roof, but this is the most common way that ice dams form. Rake the snow off of the structure with a snow rake, and begin by first removing the oldest snow, which is more prone to freezing.

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A push broom can also be used to remove the snow without causing damage.

Heat cables are another option if ice dams continue to form. Heat cables help to increase the temperature of the roof in the middle of the winter season and will ensure that the snow begins to melt.

If leaks have developed and water is getting into the home, hose off the roof with tap water by working from the eaves and soffits up to the top of the roof. This is a temporary solution until a professional roofer can access the building.

Drafts and air leakage paths can also be sealed to prevent air loss inside of the attic. The ceiling and roof insulation can also be increased with materials that are added for proper climate control inside of the home. This will cut down on heat loss by conduction. There should still be plenty of roof ventilation with vents that are installed.

Although ice dams are known to threaten the integrity of different types of roofs, most structures are built to code and are designed to withstand heavy snow loads at the end of the year.

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