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Muskegon Roofing: Article About Metal Roofs: Standing Seam Or Shingles?

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If you've made the decision to go with metal as the material for your next roof, you may think the only choice you have is to use vertical panels. This is the traditional style for metal roofs, which people associate with rural or agricultural buildings, and that's one reason metal hasn't enjoyed the popularity that other Muskegon roofing materials have. You may, therefore, be surprised to learn that metal shingle roofs are an excellent alternative if you would like the advantages of metal but are worried panels wouldn't fit in with your house's style. You can research the different looks and profiles of metal roofing by contacting an experienced roofing company. They will most likely have product catalogs or photographs of past installations that you can examine to help you in making the decision.

Metal vertical panel roofs have been around for many decades, with the most common type being standing seam. This is the option usually chosen for residential roofing projects. Standing seam should not be confused with corrugated panels. Both of these use long vertical panels, but one big difference is that standing seam uses concealed fasteners, which make it more leak resistant.

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Corrugated roofing uses exposed fasteners, and after a decade or so, retightening of the fasteners will be required, as will replacement of the rubber gaskets used to keep water from seeping in at the screw holes.

By and large, you can't go wrong choosing either standing seam or shingles. Both will have the durability, environmental benefits and fire and wind resistance of metal and be made with the same corrosion-resistant materials coated with the latest Kynar 500 finishes. The biggest difference is in terms of style. Gone are the days when any building with a standing seam roof looked like it belonged on old McDonald's farm. Standing seam has greatly evolved in terms of design and color, yet it still can't compete with the amazing number of choices available for shingles. These are being made to look like wood shakes, architectural asphalt shingles, clay tiles or quarried slate tiles, and they come in a wide variety of colors.

Cost is another difference between shingles and standing seam. As roofing materials, they are comparably priced, but shingles have lower labor costs because they're easier to install than standing seam. On the other hand, if you are considering putting up solar panels, you should know that's not easily done with a metal shingle roof because the penetrations you would need to create in order to mount the panels could lead to leaks. The ribs on a standing seam roof, by contrast, make solar panel installation easy.

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