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Wood roofs are a common choice among homeowners for the classic design that they offer on older properties. They have been used for hundreds of years and do not easily decay in different types of climates. Those who own a home with a wood roof can maintain the materials to increase the life span with the help of a Muskegon roofing professional.

Some people are hesitant to have wood shake roofs installed because they are often prone to splitting, warping and rotting over time with exposure to the environment. Fortunately, these issues can easily be avoided with the right maintenance provided.

Leaf litter and debris should be removed on a regular basis to prevent the materials from sitting on the shingles and causing excessive wear. This can also cause moisture to settle on the shakes, which will reduce their life span and can cause them to rot. Overhanging tree branches can also be removed to reduce the amount of debris that accumulates on top of the building. This can prevent grooves from developing on the wood roofing materials while also increasing the air flow on the building.

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Homeowners can hire professional roofers to clean the surface of their roof with pressure washers that remove algae and grime that develop during each season. The roofers can perform the cleaning in gentle, sweeping motions, resulting in an increase of the quality and appearance of the roof for added curb appeal.

Cleaning solutions can also be used to remove stains that have developed by gently scrubbing the roofing materials. Experts recommend using preservative solutions to prevent moss from developing in the future. Bleaching can also be performed to remove stubborn stains that are difficult to scrub off.

Rain gutters should be cleaned out on a regular basis to prevent moisture from developing in the structure. This can cause water to become backed up on the roof, which will cause the wood to rot within several weeks. Water and debris that is left too long in the rain gutters can also welcome termites to feed off of the moisture, which can lead to an infestation on the roof and cause extensive damage.

Inspections are also necessary throughout the year to look for missing or loose shingles that need attention. This will prevent leaks from developing on the roof deck and can protect the interior setting from water damage. The flashing should also be examined around chimneys to ensure that the roof is sealed off from rainwater or melted snow.

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