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Flat roofs offer a high level of protection on homes and are favored for their unique design. Due to lack of a slope, however, flat roofs require a high level of maintenance to prevent damage and wear from developing. To protect the roof and allow it to thrive, there are a few tips to follow with the help of a Muskegon roofing professional.

Leaves and debris that accumulate on the roof should be removed before they can cause the roofing materials to deteriorate due to dirt and moisture that can sit for too long. Trees should be cut back from the roofs during the fall season to prevent an excessive amount of leaves from piling on top of the structure. Low branches are also prone to scraping the roof.

The flashing that is installed should also be caulked to prevent moisture from getting in with rain or snowfall. Flashing that has cracked should be replaced to avoid water damage.

The drainage system on the roof should be inspected by a roofing professional to identify any areas that may be clogged. This can cause ponding water to develop on top of the roof after a storm or hurricane.

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It's also important to avoid placing too much weight on the roof, which can cause it to collapse due to the lack of a slope. Rake ice or snow off of the structure during the winter months, which will prevent ice dams. The attic should also have plenty of air flow to prevent the snow from freezing and adding extra weight to the roof.

An additional rule for maintaining a flat roof is to keep the rain gutters clean in each season. This will ensure that water is redirected off of the property and doesn't sit on top of the building.

The roof should also be checked for blistering, which can mean that the shingles are waterlogged with moisture that has settled into the materials. The shingle can be repaired by cutting it open to allow the moisture to dry, which will allow the roofing materials to bond together.

Although flat roofs require more care and maintenance over the years, they are considered to be easier to care for by amateurs. There is less risk of injury with the design of the structure and leaks are often easier to fix throughout the year.

Flat roofs are also more susceptible to damage due to UV rays, making it important to apply a cool roof coating for the summer season. The asphalt shingles will absorb less heat to ensure that they last longer and can increase the energy efficiency of the property.

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