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Metal roofing has been growing in popularity over recent years. Many homeowners may have seen this type of roofing on the houses of their neighbors. If they look into getting metal roofing of their own from a Muskegon roofing company, they will discover that there are several types of metal roofing. These types vary in cost and durability.

Pro panel roofing is reputed to be the toughest of all metal roofing materials. One might think it would be the most expensive, but it is roughly average in cost compared to similar materials. As with all roofing of this type, the maintenance costs are quite low. Additionally, all metal roofs, including pro panel roofing, are relatively easy to install for an experienced roofer.

The first step a professional roofer generally will take when installing a pro panel roof is to remove the existing roofing. It is possible to install the roof over the material that is already there, but this will result in a roof that is quite heavy and places a lot of strain on the house's structural beams. The roofer will remove the shingles with a special tool called a shingle ripper.

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The process is more difficult than it sounds, and takes quite some time.

Next, the roofer will install the metal trim. These pieces go along the sides of the roof and provide a place for to attach the metal panels. This part of the process generally does not take too long, but the roofer must be careful to install the trim straight. If the trim is not straight, it will be difficult to attach the panels.

After this is completed, it is time to install the bottom panels. The pro panel material comes with concealed screws on the underside of the panel. The roofer will screw the panels into the roof. The panels near the sides of the roof will have about 6 inches of extra metal, which is bent over the sides of the roof and screwed into the trim.

Once the bottom panels are installed, the roofer must put the upper panels into place. These are simply screwed into the lower pieces. This is much easier than screwing the material into the roof itself and takes much less time. The upper panels are not screwed into the trim. Instead, a cap piece is attached over the bottom panel. This piece holds everything together. When the roofer has satisfactorily completed this step, the entire process is finished.

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