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One of the most challenging emergencies homeowners have to deal with is a sudden problem with a roof, such as damage done during a bad storm. Many Muskegon roofing companies offer emergency services, and acting quickly to deal with the problem is crucial to mitigating damage and repair costs.

The most important step is to get safe. If you're dealing with a serious but manageable leak, then it's possible to keep that area closed off and children in another area of the home until help arrives. However, if a tree has fallen on the home or some aspect of the roof has collapsed, then FEMA recommends leaving the home until a professional verifies that the home is structurally safe.

If you can remain in the home, then do what you can to limit damage first. If you have plastic sheeting, lay that on the floor below leaks and over any broken windows or other openings. Place buckets, pots or whatever you have available on the plastic positioned under leaks. Remove as much water as possible using a shop vac or a mop. Place fans to dry the area and avoid mildew.

Once you have the situation under control, call a roofer. Not all roofing companies offer emergency services, but many do, and some even specialize in it.

The roofers from Infinity Home Improvement of Muskegon MI can assist you with any questions regarding roofing, gutters or siding.

Companies who offer these services are usually available around the clock. Even if they can't start work on the final repair due to current weather conditions or other circumstances, they can put a temporary solution in place.

The most common emergency roofing option is a hurricane tarp. These tarps are large sheets of woven polyethylene. They're heavy so that they don't move around easily, and they have grommets or something similar that allow the roofer to fasten it to the roof and create a seal. In situations where a tarp isn't good enough to keep water out, the roofer may use a synthetic underlayment instead. That underlayment will have to be removed and replaced when the actual repair occurs.

Once you've called a roofing company, call your insurance company. Most insurance companies have a 24-hour hotline for homeowner claims. The appraiser may not come out until the next morning, but it's best to get this process started as soon as possible. Don't worry about paying the emergency roofer out of pocket. Just remember to get a receipt, and you can include this in your claim for reimbursement.

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