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Roofs are built to protect the inside of buildings and allow them to last hundreds of years. They are also built to increase the appearance of the property and add to its value. Homeowners can increase their knowledge of roofs by learning about the different types of materials that are often installed by Muskegon roofing professionals.

Metal roofs are one of the most recent materials on the market and offer a number of advancements with their design. They are often constructed out of aluminum or steel and can be made from recycled materials, which makes them a green roofing option for those who want to own an eco-friendly home. They have the ability to shed snow and rain as well as reflect the sun's rays, which makes them ideal for different types of climates.

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common type of material installed on both residential and commercial buildings. They're extremely water resistant, which reduces the risk of leaks and water damage. There are also a number of styles and color shades available, which makes it easy to customize the appearance of the structure and have it blend in well with the rest of the property.

Wood roofs are another option and are recommended for older properties that need a classic design that is less modern.

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They are known to need a high level of maintenance to prevent rotting and algae growth that can occur in the colder months of the year. However, they're extremely wind resistant and can be coated to become fire resistant.

Slate tiles are unique with their design and are constructed out of natural rock. They can last an average of 150 years due to their high level of durability, and are known for the amount of insulation that they offer for added energy efficiency on buildings. However, they can be extremely expensive to transport and install due to their heavy weight. Many buildings are unable to support this type of roof unless reinforcements are installed.

Clay tiles are one of the original roofing materials that have been used for several centuries and are commonly installed on buildings that are located in warmer climates. The S shape of each clay tile offers a high level of insulation on the building by preventing heat from being absorbed with exposure to UV rays. The product will also maintain its color without fading, which can allow it to maintain its value over the years and makes replacing broken tiles easier.

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