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Muskegon Roofing: Article About Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

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Anyone who has ever owned a home is aware of how easily roof leaks can develop. Leaks are prone to developing at any time of the year and can cause a significant amount of water damage. To increase the durability of the roof and reduce the risk of leaks forming, it's important to understand the most common causes of moisture that enters the interior setting.

Leaks due to flashing that is worn or damaged are one of the most common repairs that are made by Muskegon roofing professionals. The flashing can allow moisture in around chimneys or skylights due to gaps where water can get in. The flashing may not be installed properly even if it is fairly new. Flashing is also prone to cracking if damage has occurred from a storm.

The vent booting may be another component on the roof that has become cracked and will therefore allow moisture in once it rains or snows. Leaks that develop in this area are known to leave dark spots and can cause water to penetrate the building.

An ice dam can also cause leaks to form due to water that continues to sit on the roofing materials for several days or weeks. Use a roof rake to remove at least four feet of snow from the eave of the roof, and use an ice melt product to prevent the ice dam from forming.

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Many people are surprised to learn that clogged gutters can cause leaks to form on the home, which is often due to standing water that accumulates because it's not drained or redirected off of the building properly. A common sign of clogged gutters is leaves that are visible in the structure or a minimal amount of water that is leaking out of the drain near the foundation of the home. The only way to prevent water from becoming backed up is to manually clean out the debris that has accumulated with the use of a ladder.

The attic may also have condensation that is present during the warmer months out of the year, which is often accompanied by mold and mildew that begins to grow. There should be plenty of ventilation in the space to ensure that moisture doesn't continue to accumulate in the future. The roof vents should be clear of debris to ensure that air can escape properly. A ventilation fan can also be installed to allow the air to circulate.

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