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A living, green roof has many advantages. Not only does it provide a home for bees and butterflies in urban areas, it also improves the roof's insulation. Instead of blistering hot asphalt that can strain air conditioners while they keep the interior cool, a living roof is covered with grasses and plants that use the sun's energy to make oxygen and food. If done correctly, the process will result in a strong, leak free roof that protects the building better than ever.

A living roof does add extra weight, so before doing anything, it's important to make sure that the roof is strong enough to support it. It's a good idea to call a Muskegon roofing professional to make a thorough inspection and reinforce the surface if necessary. It's possible to build a roof that supports a full landscape of tree and pavilions, but the roof described here is more suitable for grass and small plants.

The first step is to select a strong pond liner that will protect the roof from roots as they reach down into the soil. Make sure that every inch is covered. Above the pond liner, it's a good idea to install a root membrane as well. The membrane provides extra protection for the roof and stops mud and gravel as well as roots.

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The next few layers are all about building a healthy soil bed for the plants to grow. A layer of gravel is placed down first. This allows the soil to drain. Wood chips or mulch above the gravel will hold moisture and keep the dirt from drying out too much. A layer of compost just above the mulch will feed roots as they grow down into the garden bed, and the process is completed with a generous layer of topsoil.

Caring for a living roof is much like caring for any garden. It will need to be watered and tended, although not as many weeds will find their way to a roof garden. It may be possible to set up a gray water system that keeps the plants hydrated. Otherwise getting water up there can be a problem. Planting native species will reduce the need for extra water and care because they are already well adapted for growing conditions in the area.

A living roof can reduce utility bills and increase the presence of pollinators. It is also a beautiful and unexpected retreat. A roofing professional can evaluate any roof to decide if this is a feasible option in a particular situation.

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