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Muskegon Roofing: Article About Benefits Of A Complete Tear Off

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When a homeowner finds themselves in a position where they need a new roof, one of the important things they must consider is whether they are going to have their old roof removed or if they are simply going to have their Muskegon roofing contractor install a new roof on top of the old one. There are many factors that go into this type of decision, such as the condition of the current roof as well as the homeowner's budget. However, generally speaking, it is almost always better to choose a complete tear off for your new roof installation.

A tear off gives your roofing company an excellent opportunity to inspect the condition of the roof deck. Many problems, such as water damage, insect infestation or areas that have begun to rot can be overlooked when re-roofing. Without removing the old shingles and underlayment, there is only so much your roofing contractor will be able to tell about the current condition of your roof.

In addition to being able to identify potential problems and fix them before the new roof is installed, a tear off generally offers a longer lasting roof.

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When the roof deck is stripped of the old shingles, the new shingles can be installed on a flat surface. Re-roofing requires the new shingles to be installed over the old shingles, which means they don't have a solid, flat surface to sit on. Shingles are designed to lie flat, so when they are installed over an existing roof, they tend to mold to the contours of the old roof. This can significantly decrease the life span of your new shingles.

Another reason many homeowners prefer a tear off is that it gives their roof a much nicer appearance. A single layer of shingles not only makes the home look nicer, but it can also help increase property value. A new roof is a big expense and an important part of the home's overall integrity, so it can be a great selling point if you plan on selling your home in the future. Additionally, because a home that has been re-roofed has two layers of roofing materials on it, many homebuyers might be reluctant to make a purchase offer. Of course, if they do, they often offer less because they know that in the future, they will need to pay to have the extra roofing materials removed.

A tear off offers a longer lasting roof as well as better energy efficiency and can make your home look more attractive.

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