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Ravaging thunderstorms, occasional tornadoes and even regular storms can destroy your home's roof. Wind damage threatens more than 60 percent of homes throughout the country, causing $9 billion in damage. Homeowners can help ward off this potential wind damage, though, by choosing roof shingles that are excellent at resisting tough wind conditions.

Your trusted Kalamazoo roofing contractor is your best source of information about the right wind-resistant roof for your home. Knowing how a roof's wind resistance is tested and verified, though, can help you partner with your roofer to select your roof replacement.

Most area homes only need a roof with wind resistance of 105 miles per hour. Local building codes for roof wind resistance vary, though, according to the home's specific location, roof pitch, shingle profile and a host of other factors.

Most asphalt shingles roofs are tested for wind resistance and rated according to ASTM D7158 and ASTM D3161 standards. ASTM International is a global standards organization that establishes guidelines for several building materials and creates methods for testing how well the building materials meet those standards.

Preventing roofs from succumbing to dangerous wind uplift is the purpose of the ASTM D7158 standard. To test asphalt shingles, they are first sealed according to accepted specifications, then they are shimmed to replicate wind catching the edges of the roof.

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Once the shims are in place, shingles are subjected to various wind velocities and rated by how well they resist separating from the roof deck and other attached shingles. Roofs that resist the greatest wind uplift at 150 mph are rated Class H shingle roofs. Class G roofs withstand winds of 120 mph in these lab settings, and Class F resist 110 mph wind uplift. Class D offers the least wind uplift protection, staying strong only at winds of 90 mph.

Interlocking asphalt shingles or rigid shingles are tested using ASTM's D3161 method. In their trials, these roofs withstand sustained laboratory winds for two hours. Class F roofs offer the best protection, handling winds of 110 mph. Class D roofs are strong in two-hour winds of 90 mph. Class A roofs are weakest, withstanding 60 mph winds.

Several other tests and standards are used for various roof types and roof adhesives. Other factors also play important roles in keeping your roof safe during a wind event. To make sure you have a roof that best protects your individual home, be sure to talk about wind resistance with your experienced roofer.

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