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Kalamazoo Roofing: Article About What Role The Soffit Plays

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Understanding the different materials that commonly are present on a roof can be a challenge, especially for homeowners who don't have a home construction background. Investing in the right roofing materials not only improves the longevity of the roof but can also have a significant impact on the home's curb appeal. Each component of the roof serves a specific function and works with all of the other components to ensure maximum protection to the rest of the home.

Homeowners who are interested in learning more about which roles each part of the roof plays and how to increase their roof's estimated lifespan are encouraged to contact a Kalamazoo Roofing expert. They can offer recommended improvements that can increase the roof's longevity. It might be difficult to understand what role the soffit plays; however, this part of the roof is extremely important. Here is a basic overview of what soffit is and the purpose it serves.

Soffits are essentially the underneath portion of the roofline and are actually a part of the eaves. They are located on the least seen portion of the roof where the siding on the exterior of the home and the roofline meet.

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Depending on the type of home, eaves can be open and not have soffits or can be completely closed off with them. For example, homes that feature hip roofs often feature a continuous cornice that completely extends the entire perimeter of the home. Homes with gable roofs might include rake cornices that are formed at the ends of the gables. A cornice can enhance the home's overall appearance but also plays an important role in helping to protect the home from rain, snow and sun damage. Most modern homes feature cornices that are finished off with a soffit. Many older homes however feature open eaves, which can be left open or finished off with a new soffit.

Soffits must have proper ventilation and must be designed properly; otherwise, they can allow ice dams to develop in the winter, which poses a significant threat to the home's interior walls and ceilings. Properly ventilated soffits and attic spaces will allow adequate air circulation throughout the home and roof, preventing ice dams from developing. During the summer, proper soffit ventilation reduces heat buildup, which also maintains the longevity of the roof. Because it is so important that this portion of the roof is installed correctly, homeowners are encouraged to work with a roofing contractor as opposed to attempting to install the material themselves.

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