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Kalamazoo Roofing: Article About Signs Of an Aging Roof

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Homeowners are often unaware of the current condition of their roof or of certain repairs that may be needed each year. Unless leaks begin to develop, many people neglect to get proper maintenance and care of the structure by obtaining services from a Kalamazoo roofing professional. To look for signs that the home has reached the end of its lifespan, there are a few important steps to take.

Frequent leaks that continue to develop on the roof are a sign that the structure has aged significantly. Professional roofers may continue to make repairs, but an older roof will continue to fail and allow moisture to penetrate through the flashing and roofing materials. The roof deck may also be in poor condition, which can cause more water damage inside of the home. Leaks that are undetected can quickly cause mold to form.

Another sign that the roof has aged is if the roofing materials aren't staying securely on the building for an extended period of time. The shingles or tiles may fall off repeatedly, especially during high winds or storms. The flashing may also be in poor shape with gaps, which can allow moisture in near the chimneys.

Many people have rain gutters that aren't draining water properly off of the roof.

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This can cause standing water to develop, which will destroy the roofing materials over time and can cause mold to develop if the moisture gets inside of the home.

Sagging may also be present on the roof, which may be visible from the outside of the home. It causes a dip in the roofing structure that in turn causes the roof to look as if it's about to collapse. Sagging can develop even when a high level of care and maintenance is provided by the homeowners.

Dark spots and trails are also prone to form on roofs. These are often visible on the inside of the building. There may also be sunlight that is coming through the roof boards in the attic.

Homeowners can perform an exterior check of the roof to determine if it needs to be replaced. Loose material may be present around pipes, chimneys and vents. A professional should also inspect different areas for moisture if fungi and mold have developed. Not only can water be present under shingles, but it can also drip down into low spots of the roof, which indicates that the structure is not performing its main function of repelling water.

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