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When Kalamazoo roofing professionals see heavy snows are on the way to the immediate area, they know they will be doing emergency roof repairs. Roofs are strong surfaces but do have their limits when ice and snow pile on top. Snow weight can create problems even if the roof does not have structural issues. Ice dams that form in wintertime can create leaks, which could damage the roof as well as the interior of a home. Homeowners can prevent many roof issues by having a roofing professional do an annual inspection.

Roofs are meant to take on the harshest elements, especially if homes are built in snow prone areas. It may seem like a lot of snow, but most healthy roofs can take up to 48 inches of fresh snow without any weight problems. Older, densely packed snow can only be allowed to accumulate up to 24 inches deep without causing problems. Contractors can always verify if the roof is holding up well under these conditions by visiting during the winter.

Ideally, homeowners should hire contractors to remove snow if it becomes an issue. Snow rakes are available to use carefully on a roof, but they pose a threat to novice users and can potentially damage tiles or gutters if used improperly. Accumulated snow can easily tumble down on an untrained person.

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Contractors have training to remove the snow as neatly and safely as possible. It's also a perfect time to inspect the roof for any problems that resulted from snow damage.

After removing snow from the roof, contractors can perform an inspection and repair more easily. If any leaks are plaguing the home, point out this fact to contractors. They can stop the leak at its origination point. It's better to deal with repairs now than to wait until spring when they could worsen over time.

Roof snow removal also allows contractors to inspect rain gutters for any blockages. They'll remove any debris or ice from the area. If an ice dam develops, the roof could leak near the eave. Contractors also verify clear roof ventilation and adequate air movement for the structure. Air constantly moving past the roof's surface allows it to fight off ice dam problems.

Stay ahead of roof maintenance by signing a service agreement with a reputable contractor. They'll take care of a property during the calmer seasons, so winter's chill doesn't severely harm the roof. In the spring, any damage from ice and snow can be dealt with without any emergency repairs involved. The roof can remain a strong system through summer's heat and beyond.

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