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Most homeowners want their roof to maintain its integrity and durability over the years to ensure that it lasts for several decades. Unfortunately, storm damage is a common problem that can lead to water damage in the building and can also require a number of repairs. To reduce the risk of damage from hurricanes and high winds, Kalamazoo roofing professionals offer a few tips that you can follow. Following these simple steps can save homeowners time and money in the long run.

Hurricane straps should be installed on the building to prevent blow-offs from occurring when roofing materials begin to lift. This will ensure that the shingles or tiles that are installed will stay secured to the roof deck and provide adequate protection on the property.

The rain gutters also need to be cleaned out. This requires removing leaves and twigs that have piled up in the system. Debris that sits too long can add extra weight to the gutters and will lead to standing water that becomes backed up on top of the building.

Homeowners will need to hire a home inspector ahead of time to look for shingles or tiles that have become loose on the building. Roof cement will need to be applied to secure the materials to the roof deck and prevent them from falling off.

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Insulation can also be added to the attic to reduce the risk of ice dams forming due to uneven snow melt after winter storms.

Leaks that are already present should also be repaired to prevent extensive water damage from developing. A professional roofer will need to inspect the ceilings inside of the building for moisture or water stains that have developed. This is often due to flashing that has lifted or gaps in the flashing near chimneys or vents on the roof. These are the most common causes of water penetration.

Trees that are in close proximity to the building will also need to be trimmed to prevent the branches from having contact with the roof. Branches rubbing the roof can cause punctures and leaks to develop. Removing these branches will also help to prevent animals or insects from finding shelter on the roof by using the branches as a bridge.

A roof inspection should be performed after the storm passes to find any areas where damage has occurred. A roofer will provide an estimate for the repairs that need to be made to ensure the durability of the structure.

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