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The winter brought heavy snowfall to many places in the United States, but the summer is already showing signs that unusual weather patterns may be on the way. Texas has received record breaking flooding, the Northwest is experiencing above average heat and drought, and the Northeast is posed for cooler than average temperatures. There is no better time for homeowners to ensure their roofs are in top notch condition than right now. Homeowners are encouraged to take precautionary measures to keep their roofs protected from potential unexpected weather. Contacting a Kalamazoo Roofing specialist, who can inspect the roof for weak spots and offer suggestions for improving its stability, is a good step.

There are a few simple maintenance tips homeowners can conduct themselves; however, these suggestions are only recommended in conjunction with hiring an experienced roofing contractor. A contractor is familiar with all elements of the roof that should be inspected and may spot problems homeowners would miss. Before the roofing specialist conducts a thorough inspection, homeowners can ensure all gutters and drains are cleaned and free from debris. During the fall and winter when leaves begin to fall off trees, it is very common for the gutters to become clogged with debris. This could allow water to begin to back up and pose a threat to the facia board or the soffit underneath the roof.

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Homeowners can also protect the longevity of their roof by taking inventory of anything that does not need to be on it such as outdated satellites, antennas or vents that no longer serve a purpose. Since this process could be potentially dangerous, it is recommended that a roofing specialist actually remove these items during the inspection process. In many cases, weak areas on the roof are hard to detect, so if a homeowner steps on one of these areas they could actually fall through the roof.

When roofing contractors arrive to inspect the roof, they will look for anything that seems to be out of the ordinary such as detached or backed up gutters, missing or torn shingles, and flashing that has become buckled or rusted. They will also ensure all the roofing materials are securely attached in case of severe weather. After high winds strike an area, it is common for materials such as nails to become loose, especially along the roof ridge. Roofing contractors will also ensure there isn't granule buildup at the bottom of the downspouts, which could indicate that the shingles have reached their expected lifespan.

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