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As with any major decision in life, it is important that homeowners research their options when deciding on materials for their new roof. Knowing what is available to them as well as the pros and cons of several different materials can help homeowners make the best choice for their home and their budget. According to Kalamazoo roofing experts, homeowners should remember to consider the following factors when deciding on the right roofing product for their home.

Before even looking at roofing material options, it is best for homeowners to check with their neighborhood association covenants and regulations as well as any city building codes that exist. This can save time, money and disappointment. Some neighborhood associations restrict the type of roofing materials that homeowners can use as well as their color options. This is because the neighborhood association's goal is to keep the homes within the area looking uniform and at their best. In addition, some local building codes may restrict certain types of roofing materials due to their lack of durability or poor resistance to fire.

The next factor homeowners will want to consider before selecting a material for their new roof is their own budget. In some cases, homeowners will be getting money from a homeowner's insurance claim such as following a fire or after hail damage has occurred.

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They should take this into account when deciding how much they want to pay for their new roof. Homeowners may also want to think about the return on investment of the roofing material that they prefer.

When researching options in roofing materials, homeowners should look at how long each material is expected to last. Unfortunately, the cheaper roofing options, such as asphalt shingles, generally have the shortest lifespan while more expensive roofing materials, such as copper or slate tiles, will last longer. The roof is a long-term investment in the home, and some homeowners may want to spend more money up front for a roof that will last longer.

Care and maintenance should also be considered at this time. While some homeowners really enjoy caring for their home, others do not have the time or the desire to do so. Very low-maintenance roofs are available. These materials include galvanized metal and clay tiles. High-maintenance roofing materials as also available. These include slate tiles and wood shakes and shingles. Homeowners need to know that not properly caring for their roof will cause it to fail prematurely.

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