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Homeowners in states that experience humid weather are all too familiar with the sight of green cushions of moss on a rooftop. This small green plant thrives in damp, shady areas on roofs, and it spreads quickly via spores that are carried on the wind. Moss on a roof not only cuts down on a home's curb appeal, but it can lead to problems with the roof decking and other parts of the roofing system. A reputable Kalamazoo roofing contractor can safely remove moss from a roof and implement measures to prevent moss from returning.

Homes that are surrounded by tall trees tend to be the most prone to moss growth since the trees help maintain a damp environment. Asphalt shingle roofing tends to be the most vulnerable to mossy buildup because it offers a slightly acidic attachment point for moss, which the plant needs if it's going to thrive. High humidity and frequent rain also encourage the growth of moss on a roof. Clay tiles, slate tiles and metal sheeting tend to create less favored places for moss to grow.

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If tree branches are growing very close to the roof, it makes sense to trim them since not only do they create excessive shade, but branches can break off and cause damage by falling onto the roof. Low hanging branches also provide easy access to the roof for raccoons, squirrels and other pests that can wreak havoc if they gain entry to the attic.

If a roof is low enough, a homeowner can brush moss off the roof on a regular basis to keep it from taking over. Too much moss will trap water on the roof. To discourage the moss from growing back, the roof can be treated with a commercial solution that inhibits plant growth. Moss prefers a certain pH level. By applying a product that creates a roof environment that is too acidic or too alkaline for moss, it can be stopped from settling down and growing. These types of harsh chemicals should be applied by professionals.

Copper strips that are installed at the peak of the roof also prevent moss growth because copper is toxic to plants. When it rains, molecules of copper are carried down from the strips and coat the roof.

Homeowners can also use organic means to stop moss growth. Applying highly acidic solutions made from natural products like vinegar or lemon juice is one way to kill moss. Products with strong basic properties like baking soda or salt can also help eliminate moss.

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