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When it comes to replacing a home's roof in future years, the roofing material that is used will determine the appearance of the property and the durability of the structure. Although each roofing material offers a high level of protection on different types of buildings for several decades, certain products will last longer depending on the climate and the maintenance that is performed. When considering the best options for your home, there are a few tips to follow when working with a Kalamazoo roofing professional.

Consider the climate when determining the best options for the roof. Those who live in warm environments will want a roof that can protect the building from heat and excessive sun exposure. Metal, clay tiles, asphalt shingles and slate roofs are all ideal to use and will help insulate the inside of the building. Metal is highly reflective, which prevents sunlight from penetrating the roof and heating up the home. Slate is known to be extremely heavy, which prevents drafts that allow cool air to escape from the interior setting. Homeowners who live in cold climates can choose from metal panels or wood shakes.

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Metal is effective at shedding rain or snow to prevent leaks as well as excess pressure from being applied to the roof. Wood shakes are highly wind resistant and will stay secure in extreme weather conditions.

The price of each type of roofing material is another factor to keep in mind. Those who are planning on selling their home in the near future can consider installing asphalt shingles, which are the most affordable material on the market. Wood shakes also come with a lower price tag and have the same lifespan. Residents who want to stay on the property for a long time and invest more money in their roof can consider clay tiles, metal roofs or slate materials.

The price that homeowners are willing to pay also makes it important to consider how long the roof will last. Some homeowners may not want to replace the roof in 20 to 25 years while others are planning on listing the property in the next year. The complexity of the building will also determine how expensive the roof installation process is with extra vents or eaves that are present.

Before deciding which roofing material is ideal for a home, residents can hire a professional roofer to determine if their home's frame is strong enough to support certain products. This may narrow down the options that are available if reinforcements aren't used.

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