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Kalamazoo Roofing: Article About Bad Gutters Lead To Roof Problems

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The roof protects the home from damage, but gutters play an extremely important role in keeping the roof in top condition. The natural slant of most roofs means that precipitation should slide easily off and into the gutters. From there, the gutters direct water away from the home. Homeowners should take care that their gutters are always in working order and may have a Kalamazoo roofing company make repairs whenever problems arise.

Clogging is perhaps the biggest problem with gutters that homeowners face. It can be particularly troublesome in the fall months when leaves are coming off the trees, but gutters can become clogged in any season. A smart homeowner will periodically check the gutters for buildup and clean them out. Many roofing companies offer gutter cleaning services, though it's also something that a homeowner may choose to do on their own. Another solution to prevent clogging is to have a cover, such as the Gutter Helmet, installed on the gutters. This product is like a screen that snaps onto the gutters. It prevents large pieces of debris from getting inside the gutters and clogging them up.

In the winter, ice dams can be a problem. This occurs when snow melts because of heat in the attic and freezes again as it hits the cold metal of the gutters.

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Essentially, the gutters fill up with ice and cannot allow melting snow to properly drain. Additionally, ice dams can cause dangerous icicles and make the gutters become so heavy that they fall off.

Whether the gutters are clogged from leaves or ice, the problem is that the water cannot properly drain from the roof. In extreme cases, it will start to pool toward the bottom of the roof and can seep into the wood underneath the shingles. At this point, there could be warping of the shingles, wood rot or mold growth. All of these can be large problems for the homeowner.

Gutters should last around 20 or 30 years before they need to be replaced. If they're getting close to the end of their lifespan, the homeowner might see discoloration, leaks or areas where the gutters are starting to detach.

The best course of action to is to take preventative measures. A homeowner should always keep an eye on the gutters and make sure they are in good condition. Regular cleaning is an essential part of the process, but repairs should be made as soon as a problem is detected.

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