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Aerogel is an amazing innovation that was once only used for very high-tech industries and applications like spacecraft. Recently, some companies in the United States have begun producing aerogel insulation for use in regular homes and businesses at a more affordable cost. There are many advantages to using aerogel over traditional insulation products like fiberglass. A Kalamazoo roofing contractor can help homeowners better understand how this might benefit them during a professional installation.

Aerogel is an extremely potent insulator with the added advantage of being very thin and lightweight compared to other insulating materials. Aerogel is produced by removing all of the water from a gel, leaving behind a nanomaterial filled with tiny air pockets. Aerogel is actually 90 percent air. The concept is the same as other insulation, which uses air pockets to block the transfer of heat, but aerogel does the job much more efficiently.

Although it is more expensive upfront, aerogel insulation is especially suited for certain conditions that make its higher cost acceptable. It is used most often in renovations, especially of older brick buildings. These buildings tend not to have as much space in their walls and ceilings, so they can't accommodate large amounts of insulation. Since aerogel can do the same job in a fraction of the space, it is appealing.

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Aerogels have the potential to deliver an R-value as much as three times higher than other materials of the same thickness.

Buildings without a great deal of rafter space or those originally designed without insulation can also benefit greatly from aerogel. Fitting such buildings with insulation was always especially challenging and usually required that the entire underside of the roof structure and ceiling be rebuilt to accommodate an insulation layer. Aerogel can be easily fitted and adhered to a thin roof space, often just requiring enough space to put up a thin layer of aerogel and some covering boards.

Aerogels are also very safe, tend to be environmentally friendly and can be extremely fire resistant. Although this cutting-edge product is still a newcomer in the industry and all of its properties and specifics are not well-known or tested, it is likely to become ever more popular and affordable in the future. Its great flexibility and efficiency make it a very appealing product for a wide variety of applications in both commercial and residential buildings. Its various applications are only likely to increase over the next few years as study and experimentation into its use expand.

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