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Insulation helps maintain temperatures inside a house, and without its protection, it's harder to keep a house warm in winter and cool in summer. Sometimes, you notice hot or cold spots in one room or one area of the house. This is a sign of inadequate insulation.

Older houses are more likely to have less insulation than recommended, but newer homes aren't immune to the problem. Not only does inadequate insulation affect a home's internal temperature, but it also sends energy bills soaring. Having a Kalamazoo Roofing professional inspect your home is a great way to find out if you need more insulation.

There are several things to look for if you suspect your insulation isn't working properly. One of the biggest signs is a higher than normal heating and cooling bill. Another warning sign is rooms that are too hot or too cold even when you have the thermostat set to your desired temperature. It may not even be an entire room that is too warm or cool but just a cold draft in certain areas during winter. Go to the attic and look at the insulation.

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If the floor joists and ductwork are visible above the insulation, you either don't have enough or the insulation is not distributed evenly across your attic.

If the insulation is unevenly distributed, you may be able to even it out by yourself. Once it's even, you may discover that it's still not enough to properly insulate the house. If you need more insulation, you have to figure out how much more you need and what type. If you want to match your existing insulation, not knowing what you currently have could make that a challenge. What's in your attic right now may be an older type that does not meet your energy efficiency needs, so you may want to get a new variety. Whatever you decide, make sure to get the right R-Value for your home.

Because insulation works in the background, unseen and unheard, you have no reason to question its effectiveness. You may not have even considered that those cold and hot spots around the house are due to inadequate insulation. You may have blamed those higher energy costs on the energy company, but the problem could be right above your head. Instead of letting it continue as-is, take the initiative to find out if you have enough insulation by contacting a roofing professional in Kalamazoo.

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