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Studies show that most homes lose a majority of heating and cooling energy through their windows. As such, replacing old windows is one of the best ways for homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their house. When replacing outdated windows, homeowners have a lot of options. Before hiring a Grand Rapids roofing and windows expert to install these new windows, homeowners should become familiar with some of the styles.

One style of windows is awning windows, which are designed to allow both a nice breeze and plenty of light to enter a room. It's normal for these windows to be used in areas of the house were the homeowner wants to maintain a bit of privacy, such as a bedroom. The biggest drawback to awning windows is the screen, which is set on the inside of the window. This means that the dust and dirt that typically falls on the window sash will make its way inside instead.

Another popular window style for homeowners is casement windows, which opens outward and helps direct fresh air inside. One of the biggest benefits of casement windows is that they can be tightly sealed, making them extremely energy efficient. They are usually used in hard to reach areas such as over a sink, but they can be used in any area of the home if the homeowner like this style of window.

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The downside is that, as they age, the hinges and other pieces of hardware start to wear out, making them easier to break into.

Double hung windows have increased in popularity because of their unique style. Not only are they known for their ease of access, but they also offer superior ventilation properties. These types of windows can be opened from the top while the bottom section remains closed, which makes them perfect for a child's bedroom. While double hung windows have several benefits, they tend to leak air more than other styles of windows. Homeowners who choose this style will want to make sure that they purchase windows with high Energy Star ratings.

Picture windows are perfect for homeowners who want a completely unobstructed view of the outside. These windows should only be used in areas of the home where ventilation isn't a concern. Since they let in a lot of light, picture windows are perfect for extremely dark rooms or hallways. Picture windows are best used in combination with other windows that can open and close or near patio doors. Unfortunately, they are essentially just large pieces of glass, which makes them vulnerable to breakage.

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