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One type of roof that Grand Rapids roofing companies are quite familiar with and that are often used for residential buildings is the steep slope roof. This particular type of roof has a pitch that surpasses the rise and run ratio of 3 to 12 inches. Like most other roofing systems, it is comprised of a wooden support structure, referred to as a deck, an underlayment that serves as a barrier and roof coverage materials.

A variety of roofing coverage material can be used on steep slope roofs. They can include asphalt shingles, wood shakes, clay and concrete tiles, asphalt roll roofing, slate and metal. Even roofing materials generally reserved for use on low slope or flat roofs, such as some modified bitumen and single ply membranes, are occasionally used for special steep slope roofing functions.

One major characteristic that sets steep slope roofs apart is that their construction tends to be more expensive than other styles of roofs. Homeowners can expect to spend more for labor and material costs because steeper roofs require a larger coverage area, more framing material to support it and more roof coverage materials such as shingles and underlayment.

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Roofing professionals may even have to use special equipment to install the materials properly and safely if the slope angle is extreme.

While the high expense is a factor that should be heavily considered when researching roofing systems, there are qualities of steep slope roofs that make them worthwhile. Many of the benefits pertain to the structure. A roof with a steep slope tends to last longer than other roofing systems, an advantage that could save the homeowner money in the long term. If they are installed properly, they will also require less maintenance and can last up to 50 percent longer than other types of roofs.

A benefit of the steep slope roof is that its structure allows it to quickly shed water, lowering the chance that debris will build up or that mildew and mold will occur. It serves as a strong defense against wind uplift and creates more living space underneath for additional bedrooms, offices or storage areas. The roof coverage materials also tend to last longer since they are not subjected to direct sunlight.

A steep slope roof is a popular option for residential buildings. Homeowners who are seriously considering a steep slope roof for a new or existing home should speak with an experience roofing specialist who is knowledgeable about the benefits and drawbacks this kind of roofing system.

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