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Today's asphalt shingle roofs are incredibly reliable and weather resistant, but that doesn't mean they are completely maintenance free. There are still plenty of tasks homeowners need to perform to preserve the roof's durability and keep the roof warranty valid. Here are a few do's and don'ts to keep homeowners on track.

Homeowners should schedule regular roof maintenance with a qualified Grand Rapids roofing expert. Roof warranties usually require homeowners to inspect and maintain the roof twice a year. Having the roof serviced by a professional ensures that the maintenance is done correctly. Professional service also enables the homeowner to show proof that maintenance was performed if there's ever any question from the roof manufacturer.

It's best to notify the roof manufacturer right away if a leak is discovered. Warranties usually require homeowners to alert manufacturers within 30 days of finding a leak.

If equipment such as an air conditioning unit needs to be placed on the roof, homeowners need to get prior approval from the manufacturer. In fact, all roof modifications need to be pre approved by the manufacturer to keep the warranty valid.

Homeowners should also keep a close watch on the roof during winter, looking for potential ice dams and heavy loads of snow.

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Most roofs can withstand up to 6 inches of water, 2 feet of densely packed snow or 4 feet of light snow buildup. Roofs that are compromised, are aged or have imbalanced snow loads may not do so well with that heavy of a load, so it's always a good idea to have the snow removed when it starts to build up.

Homeowners who notice problems with their roofs should not head out onto the roof to investigate themselves. Most residential roofs are steep and can be slippery, so they pose a safety hazard. While shingles are durable, they also can be damaged by too much traffic.

It's important that homeowners don't try to treat moss or algae with harsh chemicals without knowing exactly what is in the solvent. Some chemicals can damage the shingles and void a roof warranty, and they can harm surrounding plants. For similar reasons, homeowners shouldn't use a pressure washer to clean shingle roofs. Pressure washers remove the shingles' protective granules, which leaves them vulnerable to heat and other weather conditions.

Homeowners shouldn't let debris or moss linger on the roof surface or allow tree branches to cover or shade the roof. Debris can damage shingles and prevent rain and snow from running off the roof properly. Moss can grow into the shingles themselves, causing damaging leaks. Tree branches growing over the rooftop create potential debris and falling hazards.

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