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When selecting a Grand Rapids roofing professional, homeowners need to perform their research and due diligence. Although completing this task is not as fun as others in the home improvement and design category, it is a necessary task in order to protect the home as an investment. Using these tips and pointers will help well informed, savvy homeowners choose the right roofing company to work on their home.

Homeowners should check with trusted people in their circle to get recommendations for roofing companies. They can check with other companies who have done reliable work in their homes, neighbors, coworkers, friends or family. Upon getting a recommendation for a specific roofing company, the homeowner should inquire as to what, if any, issues came up during the course of the work and what was done to resolve the problem. Homeowners should also ask if the work was completed on time and what they liked about the work that was done or the company in general.

After contacting some of the recommended roofing companies, the homeowner should ask for references. Quality roofing companies will readily provide a list of customers they have worked with in the past.

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Homeowners should contact at least one or two of these parties to verify that the roofing company is reputable. If a roofing contractor refuses to give a homeowner any references or seems offended that they have been asked, the homeowner may want to look elsewhere.

Reliable roofers will have their own insurance and worker's compensation coverage. Before hiring the contractor, the homeowner should ask to view the insurance certificates. However, simply having the certificates on hand does not verify coverage. The homeowner will want to go one step further and call the insurance company to verify that the roofer has current coverage as well as the right types and amounts of coverage.

Roofing permits should be discussed with the potential contractor that a homeowner wants to hire. It should be decided in advance what party will obtain the proper permits to replace the roof and whose budget it will come out of. The contractor should also provide an estimate as to how long it might take to get the proper permits and begin work.

Finally, prior to signing a contract, the homeowner and roofing professional should be in agreement on when and how payments will be made. This protects both the contractor and the homeowner should a misunderstanding about work or payments happen in the future.

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