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Homeowners should interview several Grand Rapids roofing professionals before deciding on a specific company. Generally, all interviewed contractors should offer similar material replacement choices after inspecting the rooftop. Reputable contractors offer more than just standard materials and labor, however. Roofers reflect their superior customer service skills with extra incentives within project agreements.

Homeowners often call specific contractors when they advertise free initial consultations. These complimentary property visits give contractors a chance to personalize project details while accurately examining the structure. Homeowners don't incur any charges until they agree to a service or replacement agreement. Most complimentary estimates have expiration dates ranging from 30 to 90 days after inspection. Homeowners have ample time to approve or decline the estimate, but they must call for another quote if too much time elapses because more damage could exist after several weeks or months of waiting.

In general, most contractors charge for roof material hauling and disposal as dumpsters and other debris containers must be transported to proper disposal sites. Homeowners must read their roofing contract during negotiations to see if disposal is complimentary. Omitting these costly charges dramatically reduces project estimates. Homeowners should compare all roofing quotes with complimentary services as valuable perks. In reality, not all contractors can extend such generous terms to all customers, however.

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From synthetic underlayment to self sealing shingles, roofing materials are complex components with potential defect issues. Homeowners should look for both manufacturer and workmanship warranties within roofing contracts. Professionals usually offer these warranties at no charge. In some cases, extended or enhanced warranties have a cost attached to them. The no charge warranty should protect homeowners from financial loss if defects emerge shortly after installation. Generally, manufacturers cover material production failures while contractors are responsible for installation errors.

All roofs require a settling period after new installations, and homeowners should have two to three contractor visits shortly after a rooftop construction project. These visits must be spaced across several weeks to catch all rooftop issues. Ideally, only minor adjustments should be necessary on properly installed rooftop surfaces. Any further rooftop care after an installation agreement must be added to a separate service contract.

Professionals encourage homeowners to discuss any other inclusions during contract negotiations. For example, residents might ask for gutter evaluation and alignment along with basic rooftop examinations. Contractors add these reasonable requests to contracts to solidify strong business relationships. Contracts are entirely negotiable until they're signed by both parties.

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