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When roofing nails pop up out of their correct placement on the rooftop, water has the opportunity to soak through and into the wooden sheathing, eventually creating significant damage and leaks inside of the house. The nails may pop up due to a variety of reasons, which experienced Grand Rapids roofing experts can investigate during an inspection of the rooftop. Prompt repair of the popped up nails is essential to preserve the roof's function and ensure that no further damage takes place.

During a severe storm, uplifting winds can cause shingles to contort and flex from their usual positions. This movement may force nails to pop up, especially if the nails were under driven or if too short of a nail was originally used when the roof was installed. Storm nailing is a popular technique used by roofers to prevent nails from popping up in severe weather. In this process, roofing crews use six nails to secure each asphalt shingle to the roof's wooden decking, rather than the usual two shingles that are hammered in for typical installations.

Fallen tree branches are another cause of nail lift up. Tree branches most often fall during a storm, but they may drop at any time and without warning. The impact of the branches causes the ends of shingles to lift up, resulting in intense pressure and flexion of the nails.

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Other falling objects, such as loose TV antennas, satellite dishes or even a child's toy can have the effect of popping the roof's nails. In most cases, roofers can hammer the nails back in. If the nails popped all the way out, the holes will be filled with roofing cement and new nails will be placed about one inch away from the original set.

During the winter months of the year, infiltration of water underneath a roof's shingles can cause the nails to shift around. This is most frequently experienced along with the development of an ice dam. The thick, powerful ice can push nails right out of the wooden sheathing. To prevent the formation of an ice dam, homeowners can have roofers install more insulation in the attic. Regular gutter cleanings can also help lessen the risk of ice dam formation.

Less commonly, improper nailing techniques may cause nails to eventually pop out. If the nails weren't hammered in far enough, they might not be gripping enough of the roof's wooden decking. Temperature changes and moderate wind gusts would be enough to lift the under driven nails out of place.

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