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Homeowners may have no roof leaks for several years, but one severe storm can damage materials and allow moisture into the structure. With one phone call to Grand Rapids roofing professionals, homeowners secure an appointment to patch the roof. Ideally, homeowners should educate themselves about proper rooftop patching procedures as contractors begin this complex service.

Initially, contractors must locate all rooftop leaks. They'll examine roof surfaces using calculated steps and careful inspection processes. Contractors quickly note any shingle damages, for example, by marking the area and noting the location on paperwork. Complex leaks require extended inspection locations as contractors visit the attic. Insulation and ceilings offer vivid clues to leak origination points.

Roofers use all leak clues to design patching procedures. For example, they'll remove shingles and underlayment from above a leak point on the roof's surface. Contractors extend this material removal process out several feet from the actual leak. Generally, one leak discovery could lead to multiple problems in the immediate rooftop area. Contractors use best practices to remove extra rooftop materials and ensure all leaks are found.

Removed materials aren't just immediately discarded. In fact, contractors examine shingles and underlayment for extra leak clues.

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Condensation found under shingles, for instance, indicates moisture seepage as it remains trapped in that confined space. Any growth of microorganisms is also analyzed among removed materials, which tells contractors how long leaks have been active.

Wood decking revealed after material removal must be examined too. This plywood could be saturated with moisture, for example. Contractors check all wood components for any sagging or weak points. Discovering weakened wood means contractors must replace it during patching processes. As a result, they'll use small power saws to cut decking out and replace it.

Brand new underlayment and shingles must be used in the patching area. Reputable roofers don't reuse these materials because their structure becomes compromised. In most cases, contractors match the color of the shingle with the color of the remaining rooftop for a beautiful aesthetic. When all materials are smoothed out and connected into the roof system, the patching project should look no different than the surrounding materials.

Contractors always create a project estimate for homeowners before any work commences. After an initial rooftop evaluation, contractors write down all necessary materials and labor on a contractual agreement. Homeowners must sign this document to start the project. Any future contract alterations are noted as the project continues, requiring another approval process to keep homeowners informed of all rooftop issues.

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