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When planning a garden shed, it's important to choose the right roof. A shed's roof adds to its overall aesthetic, and it also ensures that the contents inside are adequately protected. Here are a few common styles Grand Rapids roofing contractors often place on sheds.

A pent roof shed is similar to a flat roof, but nevertheless extends across the front of the building to allow for a covered entryway. Although it appears somewhat flat, it does have a slight pitch to allow for water runoff. This type of roof is ideal for DIY homeowners, because its simple design is very easy to construct.

A simple lean to roof might be used whenever the shed is placed against a fence or wall. This type of roof consists of a single panel that slopes downward to allow water to run off. A lean to roof is inexpensive to construct, because it requires very little in the way of building materials.

Sheds that have a lean attached to them may require a saltbox roof. A saltbox roof is one that contains a much bigger slope on one side than it does another.

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Salt box roofs are very sturdy, and are therefore preferred on sheds located in open areas that may receive a great deal of high wind.

A gambrel roof is often placed on a structure similar to a barn, because it provides room for a loft above the main floor. Gambrel roofs contain two slopes on either side, both of which are symmetrical with one another. The top slopes have a much steeper pitch, as the bottom ones may appear to be almost completely vertical.

Gable roofs are those that contain two separate sections of equal size and slope. These are some of the easiest roofs to maintain, and are ideal for sheds being used as a guest cottage or man cave.

Hip roofs contain sloped sections on all four sides rather than only two. Their design makes them perfect for very wide, narrow sheds. Since they are excellent at repelling water, they may also be placed on buildings that receive a great deal of rainfall.

When choosing a roof for an outdoor shed, homeowners are not bound to use the same style that is on their house. These different styles will all look nice on garden sheds, and may even be constructed from a variety of materials such as metal or wood shingles to give them a unique look.

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