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They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but you can on a house. A well maintained exterior can give a positive impression of the overall condition of a building. Conversely, a shoddy roof can take down curb appeal and property value with it. Visitors tend to not only look for but also expect problems when a building facade and roof is run down. A home with a pretty exterior brings more suitors to the realty market.

Even if the property is not on the market, commitment to good roof maintenance is a must. Providing protection from the harsh weather elements, the roof is the largest structure on the home. Rain and snow can penetrate a damaged roof, causing serious and costly water damage to the structure. Wind and hail can compromise a previously sound roof, causing leaks to form. It is wise to call a Grand Rapids roofing specialist for inspection and repair as soon as a problem is suspected.

Structural damage is not the only hazard that can ensue with roof problems. As moisture penetrates through the leaky membrane, insulation may become damp and begin to deteriorate.

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This can result in an uncomfortably hot or cold home and add appreciably to cooling and heating costs. As the dampness collides with the warm air from within the house, mold and mildew can develop. The spores can then spread throughout the home via air ducts or spread within the walls, damaging the health of the family living there. Mold remediation can be a costly affair and affect the welfare of the occupants.

An experienced roofing contractor can take care of leak problems and prevent further damage. Removing the old roof coverings, repairing any damage to the wood substrate and installing a high quality warranted roof are jobs that a trusted professional can handle. Old debris will be removed and hauled off, and the area will be cleaned to remove any residual materials. A home with a renovated look will be the end result.

The experience of roof replacement should be a positive one. Choices of colors and patterns can give a needed facelift to a home and improve value. A wide selection of materials can be chosen, from asphalt shingles to metal to clay tiles. The project can be tailored according to budget and longevity requirements. Whatever the selection, the result will be a fresh new face on the home and in the neighborhood.

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