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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Roof Leak Causes Overlooked By Homeowners

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When it comes to tracking down roof leaks, most homeowners generally focus on shingles or flashing. However, some of the causes of a leaking roof can easily be overlooked by homeowners. While these areas deserve attention, an experienced Grand Rapids roofing professional will perform a thorough inspection of all the roof's components.

Anything installed in the home that requires a general contractor to cut a hole in the roof creates a potential risk for a leak. The installation of stove hood vents, furnace vents, dryer vents and bathroom fans are some examples. While venting these items to the outside eliminates inefficient designs, such as kitchen hoods recirculating contaminated air inside the kitchen, all roof vents are suspect if the roof is leaking.

Appliances not vented properly or flashing that doesn't make a tight seal at the roof's edge won't hold up well in Michigan's stormy weather. Some contractors, for example, may try to use an existing roof vent to avoid making further cuts in the roof, but that can be problematic. To work properly, roof vents need the full circulation of air they offer. If a vent is partially blocked, due to sharing the space with another exhaust system, the extra piping will interfere with the flow of cool air.

Warm air blowing into the vent space during cold weather will cause water condensation to form near the opening.

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Water dripping into the insulation will affect the insulation's integrity. Wet insulation won't work well, and the lack of adequate airflow can contribute to the formation of ice dams and icicles at the outer edge of the roof. The condensation can also negatively impact the roof deck, rafters and other important structures of the home.

Having a satellite dish installed on the roof also can create a serious situation since some satellite companies may not use sealant around the dish mount. Those who do take the time to seal the mount may not use a high quality product, so the caulking quickly breaks down. Once the caulk crumbles, the shingles and roof deck become vulnerable to the elements.

For peace of mind and the best roof protection, homeowners can contact their local roofing company to inspect all installations that vent through the roof. A roofing contractor will make sure the appliances are vented properly inside the attic and the flashing and roof seams are tight enough to adequately protect the roof from rain and snow. If the roof is already leaking, homeowners need to disclose those installations during their roofing evaluation.

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