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Although houses are typically constructed with climate in mind, many Michigan homes don't have proper insulation. Usually, the first thing a homeowner thinks of when receiving a high electricity bill is to cut back on their electricity use. In many instances, they find that using less heat and paying more attention to turning off the lights does not make a very significant impact.

Homeowners rarely consider insulation because they either think their homes must already be insulated or the costs of insulation wouldn't be worth it. Ensuring a house is insulated as effectively as possible comes with many benefits. Many homeowners take advantage of the free inspections offered by Grand Rapids roofing companies to confirm any of their insulation inquiries.

The most obvious reason to insulate a home is energy efficiency. Insulation quality is not limited to the windows and doors of a home. The rooftop plays an important role as well. Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills each year by ensuring that their insulation is adequate.

Homes that are properly insulated stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Thus, whether it's hot or cold outside, more manageable temperatures are enjoyed inside.

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The heater and air conditioning system can rest more as well, which means lower electricity bills.

Some homeowners experience problems related to noise. However, certain types of roof insulation, such as rockwool, slag wool, and fiber glass, do a great job to diminish sound.

Moisture in the home can lead to mold, mildew, and other health hazards that also damage the house. Roof insulation decreases the amount of moisture that collects inside the house.

Examples of materials that may be used in roof insulation include gypsum board, perlite, and cellular glass. Gypsum board is commonly placed over foam plastic insulation and utilized as a thermal barrier on steel decks. One of the benefits of gypsum board is its resistance to water. The boards are noncombustible as well.

Perlite is an interesting material because it's a type of volcanic glass that develops from obsidian. What makes perlite good for insulation? The material expands when heated. An additional benefit of perlite insulation boards is their resistance to fire, which increases the safety of any home.

Cellular glass insulation consists of expanded uniform cells that are close together. These compact cells are formed by heating a mixture of crushed glass and a foaming agent in a mold. This process causes the glass to melt and the foaming agent to decompose. The end product is a material that's great for insulation purposes.

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