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One of the primary concerns of a homeowner regarding their roofs is damage caused by storms, snow, wind and ice. However, an unclean roof poses equal cause for concern. Spots that may look like harmless stains are often growths of algae, lichens, and moss that feed on the organic materials within shingles. If left unchecked, microorganisms can eventually eat through shingles until they are no longer capable of providing protection. Inadequate coverage by the roofing materials leads to rot and eventually mold and water damage. To prevent this, Grand Rapids roofing companies recommend an occasional roof cleaning to remove those pesky organisms.

A roof cleaning service makes use of specialized chemicals that target offending elements without harming the roofing materials. Contractors try to avoid using any high intensity washing techniques, as pressure and scrubbing can often do more harm than good. If the roof is under warranty, one should take a close look at its clauses to see if any specific types of service are recommended. Some contractors may try to push services that are unnecessarily risky, so it's always smart to use the warranty as a reference point for safety. Once clean, the integrity of the roof is ensured. For this reason, many roof insurance policies are starting to demand that covered houses be periodically cleaned.

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Excessive algae and moss not only eat away at the materials they cover but also hinder a roof's ability to reflect sunlight. Instead, these organisms absorb heat in large volumes, which can increase cooling costs throughout the house. Seek a contractor's help if rot occurs anywhere in the home. Rot presents a threat not only to the roof but to the homeowner and family members that live inside of the house. As a roof begins to lose its integrity to malicious organisms, harmful mold spores spread, and wild animals can find their way inside the structure. Maintaining a clean roof isn't just about protecting the physical structure, but the people who reside under it.

Ultimately, a clean roof simply looks better than a roof with growths and unsightly organisms. Homeowners should be proud of their residence, but this is a challenging task when a structural component of the home is in poor condition. Roof cleaning services are as cosmetic as they are protective: they allow people enjoy the interior and exterior of their home. They play an integral part in keeping a roof strong, healthy, energy efficient, and attractive.

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