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Vines growing up the side of a house and onto the roof might look attractive and even stately on many styles of homes. However, these plants may actually damage the siding and roofing materials with their roots and the sticky residues on their stems and leaves. Homeowners can work with an experienced Grand Rapids roofing company to have the vines and their residue removed without damaging the home's shingles or tiles.

The first step in eliminating vine residue is to completely remove all of the vines. This can be done by a landscaping service or by the roofing technicians themselves. The entire root system of the plants must be removed, otherwise the vines will grow back. If the homeowner wants to preserve the vines, a trellis can be placed near the home's perimeter walls for the plants to anchor on. Once all of the vine's leaves, roots and stems have been removed, then the residue cleanup can begin. Homeowners should be careful to choose the correct type of cleaning solution for this task.

Oxygen bleach is a safe way to remove plant residue and other types of stains from the surface of a roof.

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Due to the height and slope of most rooftops, it is a good idea to have an experienced roofer take care of this aspect of maintenance. The roofers will spray a diluted oxygen bleach solution onto the stained shingles or tiles and then use a soft bristled brush to release the residue. The rooftop can then be rinsed off with water from a garden hose. All of the liquids will drain into the gutters and through the downspouts. Plants and wildlife are not harmed if a few drops of the oxygen bleach splash onto the home's landscaping, although many roofing services will cover up the plants with plastic sheeting or tarps during the cleanup process.

Another option for residue removal is a gentle dish washing detergent. A dilution of one tablespoon of biodegradable dish soap to one gallon of warm water can remove sticky residue left behind on the home's roof and gutters. Roofers can load this solution into a garden sprayer or hoist buckets up to the roof. Property owners should not try this themselves, as climbing a ladder or walking on a roof while carrying tools could cause injuries. The dish soap solution will be rinsed off the roof. If left there to dry, the solution could potentially leave its own harmful residue. Because it is biodegradable, the soap will have no lasting effects on plants if some of it splashes off the roof.

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