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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Replacing Or Repairing Roof Shingles

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After a major storm has struck an area, many homeowners face the challenge of assessing damage to their home and especially to the roof. Hopefully, homeowners already have their roofs inspected by a licensed Grand Rapids roofing expert before disaster strikes in order to ensure all materials are properly installed and functioning, which can increase the roof's longevity.

One of the most commonly damaged areas of the roof is the shingles. While repairing or replacing shingles might be relatively inexpensive, not repairing them can seriously impact the longevity of the roof. Understanding what steps might be necessary when a roofing contractor repairs damaged shingles can give homeowners extra peace of mind, especially if they have never worked with a contractor before. Here are some things that can be expected during the process.

Contractors will first assess the roof to ensure there is no damage to the moisture barrier or flashing. If they detect several shingles that are cracked, torn or curling, they might recommend that all of the shingles be replaced because they might not be effectively keeping moisture out of the underlayment. In some cases, only the damaged shingles will be necessary to replace, which could be an inexpensive process. However, if there is evidence that the shingles have reached their estimated longevity, it will save the homeowner more money in the end to have all of them replaced.

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The goal of the contractor will be to provide a cost effective solution that will maintain the integrity of the roof.

The second step roofing contractors might take will be to completely remove the damaged shingles from the surface of the roof. It is not uncommon for weak spots to be present when shingles are missing because water is allowed to permeate the underlayment. This can make the roof even more dangerous to walk on. For this reason, contractors will often wear a safety harness and ensure areas are safe enough to walk on before standing on the surface.

After they have removed all of the existing shingles, including the nails and adhesive backing, the contractors will use special tools to install the new ones. They will carefully reseal all of the edges to ensure water is not allowed to seep in between the layers. In most cases, shingles are installed from the bottom edge of the roof up towards the ridge. Contractors will ensure the first row of shingles overhang a small portion of the roofline for added protection. They will also only use heavy gauge nails that are not prone to rusting when securing the shingles.

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