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Although a new roof can be laid over existing wood shingles, most experts do not recommend this method of installation. While multiple layers of composite shingles are relatively common, few insurance companies will cover a system with an old wood roof topped by a new surface. Sometimes, local building codes specify which material types are appropriate for re roofing, but any system to be covered must be in good condition in order to prevent damage to the new level. Property owners should consider the complications that can arise because of neglecting to tear off existing wood roof products before building a replacement structure. For guidance concerning a roof over project, residents can contact a Grand Rapids roofing professional.

Fire resistance is an important issue when using wood shingles or shakes, and aging materials can be more susceptible to damage than new ones. If a fire occurs, then multiple roof layers may hinder rescuers from establishing a quick ventilation system. Underlayment often serves as a protective shield against fire hazards; sealants can also limit the vulnerability of the old wood. Before starting a re roofing venture, homeowners should make sure that the existing surface is clean. Debris must be removed from the wood components as well as moss and mold. Unfortunately, the moisture in the wood will become trapped underneath the new roofing system and will shorten the life of the structure.

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Since shingles cannot lay flat over existing units, they are easily telegraphed through to form unattractive ridges. Roofers use special techniques to minimize bridges, but wood shingles that are cupping or curling should be removed before the installation of new materials. The uneven thickness of shakes makes them hard to roof over smoothly. When laying shingles over wood, the best product for the job is a dimensional shingle with a staggered edge. This shingle type is sturdy and large enough to hide imperfections.

A roof over should not be performed if the original decking is spongy. As long as the foundation is solid and all damaged components have been replaced, the new roof covering can be laid. Existing wood shingles are often used as sheathing when the next layer is installed. For homeowners who plan to sell their property, the choice to re roof instead of having the old system torn off can raise questions about the condition of the materials below the roof's surface. Although the procedure may save money initially, it may reduce the value of the home and will still have to be removed eventually.

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