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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Rain Harvesting From A Metal Roof

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When talking with a Grand Rapids roofing contractor, many people want to know what type of roof they should use for harvesting rainwater. A metal roof has distinct advantages over other types of roofs for a number of reasons.

Harvesting rainwater is much easier to do whenever the surface of the roof is very smooth. There are several types of metal used in roofing, all of which contain very smooth surfaces that allow for good water runoff. Since metal is installed in sheets over top of the decking, there are no shingles or tiles for water to get underneath. Galvanized steel roofs even contain small grooves that form a sort of trench for water to pass through on its way to the gutters.

Asphalt shingles contain harmful chemicals that might be passed into rainwater. The effects of these chemicals cannot easily be eliminated through boiling or filtering. They also contain granules that could become dislodged and get into the water supply. This is not a problem with metal roofs because they do not leech chemicals. Even so, water should not be collected from roofs patched with tar.

Metal is naturally bacteria resistant.

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This is good news for anyone wishing to harvest rainwater for drinking purposes because the odds of it being contaminated are greatly reduced. People who harvest rainwater from a metal roof may often use it for drinking, cooking, watering animals, or irrigating a garden, and this practice is typically done in the interest of saving water.

Metal roofs are more common on gable and hip style roofs. The natural slope of these roofs make it easier for rain to flow off of them. It is also easier to place downspouts and rain barrels in the right location for catching water. Placing downspouts and rain barrels is much more difficult with other roof styles such as gables or frames.

It is rather easy to harvest snow from the top of a metal roof. The slick surface allows frozen matter to slide off freely, where it can then be collected in buckets or barrels where it will melt. In fact, the practice of collecting melted snow is more common than rainwater harvesting in areas that tend to receive heavy snowfall.

Those who enjoy being self sufficient should consider a metal roof in order to make rain harvesting easier. This type of roof will provide homeowners with easy access to rain, while also being very durable and requiring very little maintenance.

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