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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Prevent Damage Caused By Ice Dams

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Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows that winter can take its toll on a roof. This is especially true when the roof is subjected to heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. A common problem that Grand Rapids roofing contractors face are ice dams. These ridges of ice can form along gutters, eaves and even in the valleys of a roof. Unfortunately, they can also lead to big problems.

Ice dams often result in roof damage and water leaks. When homeowners understand how these ice dams occur, they'll be better prepared to ensure their roof is ready for the challenges of winter.

Two primary factors can lead to the formation of ice ridges on a roof. The first problem is an attic that is not kept cool enough during the winter. This can be caused by not having insulation with the right R value, or it could be the result of warm air leaking into the attic from around vents or light fixtures. Any opening into the attic that is not properly sealed can allow heat to move in. This not only wastes the energy a homeowner uses to heat their home, but it also creates an environment that is too warm for the roof. Another source that can add heat to the attic is the home's HVAC system.

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If ducts are leaking, homeowners can waste a tremendous amount of money heating the home while leaving their roof vulnerable to the formation of ice dams.

Poor ventilation is the other factor that can lead to ice dams on a roof. It can be hard for a homeowner to determine if they have sufficient ventilation in their attic, but a trained roofing specialist will be able to check if there is a ventilation problem. Air flow can often be improved by installing attic fans or vents in the eaves. The right combination will require the expertise of a roofing contractor. Fortunately, by eliminating problems with ventilation, homeowners can help reduce the risk of damage from ice dams.

Of course, the best time to take care of insulation and ventilation problems is before winter sets in. Once snow has accumulated and the freezing temperatures have arrived, there is little a roofing contractor can do to improve attic conditions. However, if a homeowner finds ice dams on their roof during the winter, a roofing contractor can usually install a special heat tape that is designed to melt grooves in the ice block and allow dripping water to trickle off the roof.

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