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Although the roof is built to protect buildings from the weather and outside elements, it can also wreak havoc on a property by caving in due to snow. When a roof has deteriorated or has become damaged, it can easily lose its durability and collapse with excess pressure. To prevent this from occurring, it's important for homeowners to seek the help of a Grand Rapids roofing professional on the steps that need to be taken after it snows.

Removing snow that sits on top of roofs in the middle of the winter season can prevent the roof from collapsing or becoming weak. This commonly occurs on low pitched roofs that don't have a slope or are completely flat. Homeowners can begin by using a snow rake to remove a significant amount of snow on the building. This is best done by starting on the edge of the roof and working towards the middle. The tool should be used to shave down three inches of snow at a time during the day.

Residents should also look for signs that a roof is about to cave in to prevent it from collapsing.

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This includes areas on the structure that are sagging or if there's cracks that are present in the walls. Doors may pop open at random times and there may be ripples that are present in the supports. These areas should be repaired immediately by a professional.

Large icicles that hang over doorways should also be removed carefully with plastic shovels. This can also be done by knocking down the icicles with a broom from the inside of the home through a window. The rain gutters and drains should be kept clean at all times with routine maintenance that prevents debris from piling up.

Snow that accumulates over several days can easily increase the risk of a roof collapse. Snow that sits for a longer period of time will begin to weigh more than lighter snow that is fresh, making it important to remove it every few days.

Experts recommend hiring a professional roofer to remove snow that has accumulated due to injuries that can occur when climbing on a roof. A trained professional will be insured and will also minimize the risk of a roof collapse due to the tools and techniques that are used. If a homeowner decides to remove the snow themselves, it's important to avoid using a ladder due to ice that can develop on both the rungs and on the soles of shoes.

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