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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Preparing The Roof For Inclement Weather

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It seems that unstable weather patterns have become a routine experience for the majority of homeowners who live in the United States. A roof takes a direct beating from high winds, hailstorms and heavy rainfall, but the damaging effects of a tornado can devastate the entire roofing system. While it might not be possible to completely shield the roof from a direct strike by a tornado, there are several different ways that Grand Rapids Roofing contractors can make the roof much stronger in the event that one does hit the area.

In order for homeowners to properly assess how to enhance the roof's ability to withstand a tornado, it is important to hire an experienced roof inspector. This is the only way to evaluate the current condition of the roof. After the inspection process is concluded, here are some common ways roofing contractors can upgrade the roof's durability.

The majority of homes feature asphalt shingles, but this type of material was not built to withstand damage from inclement weather. However, some manufactures have improved this popular material in order to increase its wind classification and fire resistance ratings.

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Roofing contractors can replace old shingles with updated shingles that offer better protection against tornadoes and the associated high winds, flying debris and hail that often accompanies them.

Other types of roofing shingles also offer enhanced durability and protection, including popular materials such as concrete tiles, slate tiles and metal roofs. While each of these materials tend to cost much more than traditional asphalt shingles, the investment could pay for itself the next time a major storm blows through. Many of these premium products feature extended life spans, unlike other roofing systems that might need to be replaced after 20 to 30 years. In fact, a slate roofing system can potentially last for 150 years or even longer, which is a staggering five to seven times longer than an asphalt roofing system.

Choosing to install a higher quality shingle is one of the most equitable steps towards making the roof stronger, but it is imperative that the materials be properly installed by a professional. In fact, many manufacturers' warranties state that the policy will be voided if their products are not installed by an adequately experienced roofing contractor.

There are additional ways that homeowners can safeguard their homes from a tornado, including the installation of roof clips and window shutters. A homeowner can better protect their home from inclement weather conditions by installing any number of these materials.

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