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The main purpose of any roof, regardless of style, is to protect the home from becoming damaged from the elements. Some roofing materials offer better protection than others and have a greater estimated lifespan. For example, metal roofs tend to offer greater longevity than traditional asphalt based roofs.

With the development of panel roofing, homeowners might be surprised to learn that installing a new roof might take much less time than it might have taken in the past. Replacing the existing roof with a material that is more substantial could lower insurance premiums, increase longevity, reduce how much maintenance is required and provide enhanced protection from harsh weather patterns. Homeowners who are interested in learning the specific benefits of installing panel materials are encouraged to contact a Grand Rapids roofing expert. A roofer can discuss what the installation process entails as well as provide an overview about the different options that are available. Here is some basic information about metal panel roofing.

Panel roofing essentially refers to any type of roofing material that comes in large sheets, whether the material is constructed from metal, polycarbonate, fiberglass or anything else.

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The process of installing panel roofing and the overall appearance of the finished product are much different from individual shingles.

The most common type of panel roofing material is metal including copper, aluminum, steel and stainless steel variations. One of the primary benefits of installing metal panels is that they can be painted virtually any color to complement the rest of the home, and they can provide the opportunity to create a unique architectural style that enhances curb appeal. Many metal panels require a specialized coating application in order to protect them from rusting or corrosion; however, copper and stainless steel panels do not require protection from corrosion because they naturally resist it.

Another benefit of steel roofing panels is that they offer great fire protection as compared to other roofing materials. When roofing contractors install some types of metal panels, such as aluminum, they might install a special type of underlayment in order to achieve a Class A fire rating. However, even without the added underlayment, aluminum can withstand damage from fire much more efficiently than traditional asphalt shingles.

In order for panel roofing to be installed properly, roofing contractors must have adequate experience. They must consider several different factors during the process in order to ensure the finished product can adequately protect the home, especially from water damage.

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