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Holiday decorations, satellite dishes, TV antennas and all sorts of other rooftop accessories may leave asphalt or composite shingles littered with excessive nail holes. While nails are typically used to keep roofing materials and other roof accessories in place, the holes they leave behind make the perfect entry point for water to make its way through, saturate the wooden decking and cause damage to the roof's substructure and the home's interior. Experienced Grand Rapids roofing experts can locate and repair leftover holes caused by long gone roofing nails.

One of the fastest and easiest ways that roofers repair old nail holes is by filling them with caulk. Urethane caulk is the material of choice, as it creates a waterproof seal and will not adversely affect the shingles, underlay or wood sheathing. Urethane is also relatively shrink proof and can withstand the extreme heat on a roof's surface during the summertime. As an alternative, roofing cement can also be used to fill scattered holes left on the roof. Both of these materials are best paired with a caulking gun, which the roofers will use to quickly inject and fill the holes.

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For larger holes, or for sections of the roof where there are a lot of nail holes, roofers may attach a piece of sheet metal to the roof's surface. In order to make this sort of repair, the shingle with the hole through it will be lifted up with the claw of a hammer or a pry bar. A square of the metal will be slid underneath of the shingle and secured to it with silicon or urethane caulk. The underside of the shingle will be dotted with roofing cement and then pushed back down into its correct position. The sheet metal and caulking stop any water intrusion to the wooden portions of the roof.

When a shingle has too large of a hole to patch, roofers will usually just replace it. Replacement of a damaged shingle may have a better success rate at fending off leaks than one that has many patches. Any repairs or replacements should be made as quickly as possible to minimize water intrusion and to prevent further damage to neighboring shingles.

To prevent the formation of holes in the roof of a house, homeowners should avoid nailing decorations or other objects onto the roof's surface. When satellites or antennas that are no longer in use are removed, their fasteners can either remain in place or be patched over by experienced roofing professionals.

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